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Helping sleep consultants to scale their impact & income and reclaim their time.

Are you a postnatal Parenting Specialist or Sleep Coach and you LOVE what you do, but you are searching for a way to scale your impact, whilst building more ease and freedom-inducing revenue into your business, so you are not ON all of the time?


  • Creating a small evergreen course or ebook (but you’ve done the math, and can see you would need to sell hundreds to generate a decent revenue each month)

  • Launching multiple courses, splitting your already limited time and resources, and now adding even more admin and costs to your plate.

  • Increasing your 1:2:1 prices, but worry you can only do that to a certain point before you are seen as ‘too expensive’ and parents turn to your competitors instead.


  • You don’t need more courses you need one course that makes a difference

  • You don’t need more information, as most information is freely available online for your clients to find

  • And increasing the cost of your 1:2:1 service doesn’t solve the issue of being able to take on more clients, without needing even more of you

Perhaps you like the idea of creating a program but you are hesitating wondering whether you can REALLY scale your one-to-one service supporting families online, without losing the quality that goes hand in hand with providing a tailored service to each of your clients…

I want to reassure you that this is the question all my students ask me.

And the short answer is YES YOU CAN!


And unless you’ve built your course to truly make an impact, providing a deep transformation, with a lean business model that enables you to increase your profits and scale.

…the impact and income you’re working so hard to create, at best, will enable you to barely break even.

…and at worst, leave you feeling deflated, burnout and wondering if you will be able to ever reach the freedom in your business you set out to achieve.

Introducing Scale & Thrive®

The Scale & Thrive ®Program is the simplest way for you to go from working with clients on a one-on-one basis to creating a business model that can grow without fully relying on you. So that you can break free from overwhelm, increase your income and become a respected authority.

How I went from a demanding corporate marketing role to supporting childcare professionals to build a business they love!

I started out in corporate marketing, working on brands such as Harry Potter.

Although I loved my adventure in the marketing world, what I realised I wanted to do was support families, particularly vulnerable families. So I re-trained and worked in International Development before working in Children’s Services. And although my heart was in that work, I was so frustrated by the processes and systems that took the focus away from the work.

I finally took the plunge and decided to be my own boss.

This is for you if…

This is not for you if…

We’ve been trusted by incredible postnatal parenting specialists because we get results. Check out some of our client testimonials and case studies to hear results straight from the source.

“I generated a month’s income in 10 days. This program has been transformational for not only me but also my families”

KARLA LEGG, Holistic Sleep Coach

 “I completely sold out my first program, which was outstanding. I didn’t even believe it myself”

CHRISTINA LUBRANO, Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant

“Instead of just thinking about my dreams, I am now actually doing it! Emma has succeeded in lighting that fire under my butt that I needed! I can’t recommend the program enough.”

MAISIE RUTTAN, Holistic Sleep Coach

“I literally don’t know how I would get a launch off the ground if it wasn’t for Emma’s business acumen, skill, and business and marketing know-how. She is a fountain of knowledge.”

LYNDSEY HOOKWAY, Co Founder Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, Author & IBCLC

“I gained 16,000+ new Instagram followers and a transformational parenting program in a few months.”

Alice Lucken, IBCLC

“The program includes proven strategies, and it’s clearly laid out. You can see all the actions you need to take to get the results you want, it’s been life-changing, and I’m really grateful to be part of it.”

Jill Culver, Holistic Sleep Coach & Social Worker