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Creating Content

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It used to be having a personal brand was an absolute luxury. But now, especially in the online space, it’s essential. And the best way to create a brand is to create content, because that’s the thing that’s going to get across your voice, your vision and your values. It’s the thing that’s going to connect you with the clients that you really want to work with.

So how do we create different types of content that really answers the questions that your ideal clients have and create a huge amount of value doing that?

The key is to work smarter and not harder so you’re saving yourself lots of time and energy. In this video I share with you.

  • What content is available to us
  • The importance of adding value through our content
  • How to find your ideal client
  • How to repurpose content and the importance of creating that you enjoy!

It would be amazing to hear your experiences: If you’ve ever felt completely stuck as you were working on your goals and then went through a transformation because you did the inner work, share your story in the comments below!

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