, Educational How-to Content Isn’t The Quickest Way To Grow Your Following

Educational How-to Content Isn’t The Quickest Way To Grow Your Following

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Here is the thing: everyone is teaching the same thing… and that’s to just focus on creating educational ‘how-to’ content, because that’s how you are going to add value and grow your following online.   
I understand why you might think this, when everyone in the marketing space has been telling us that for the last 10 years, and even up to a couple of years ago that still worked – that’s all you needed to do.  
Think of the most influential people out there, who have millions of people rallying behind them – like Oprah. Has she grown her following from lecturing? No. She inspires based on her story, her interests. People follow her because of her beliefs. Of what she stands for. 
And look at the biggest players in the marketing space such as Simon Sinek and Gary Vaynerchuk – they are changing people’s beliefs – they are changing the way you think. They aren’t giving endless educational tutorials. In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk has never done a single piece of traditional how-to content, and he is the fastest growing marketer in the online space.   
You see, the online marketing world has changed. It’s much more noisier than it used to be, and to stand out you need to be more. Your audience needs to connect with you and your message. 
The businesses that thrive are the ones whose audience rally behind them because they have a message, because they stand for something because they stand on the edges. Not because they blend in with the other business owners putting out the exact same content as them. 
But when you start to talk about tackling industry norms and inspiring people with your story and vision, you also give value. You give hope. You give connection. 
But by relying on creating educational content alone, you risk blending in, being vanilla, not standing for something. And if you can’t attract your audience, you will struggle to grow your business. 
So if you are planning your content right now, now is the time to choose.  Do you want to blend in and become a clone of your competitors and continue to struggle to find your voice with little or no results? Or do you want to really stand out and attract your absolute ideal potential clients who connect with you on a deep level? 
If you’re ready to stand up for what you believe and grow your business from that place, then I invite you to download my freebie below and find out the steps you need to take to find your voice and create magnetic content. 
Emma x

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