Messaging Month Masterclass: Lesson 4

In this video, I explore the deeper purpose of your messaging. Most people say things like, “I am a copywriter,” so I call myself a “copy expert” and their message or mission goes into something like “I help business owners write impactful copy”. Structuring your message like this can cause you to blend in. Watch the video and then complete the exercise.


  1. What change do you want to see in the world, your town, your industry? Does your skillset or zone of genius help create that change? If yes, write it down.
  2. Imagine you are on stage and you have NAILED IT. People love it. They come up to you and tell you you have changed their life. What are they talking about?
  3. In 3-4 sentences write your deeper purpose is. What is the purpose your audience will rally behind? What happens when they get the result you can get them? When they have those results what will be the effect in your industry, society and world?

Video Examples: