Warm Up Emails
  • These emails are to warm up your audience and get them excited about what you have coming up!

Warm up Email 1
Objective: Start shifting the biggest outdated belief your audience have to a new belief that serves them better. Open the curiosity gap. Seed the upcoming live event. Micro-commitment inviting replies back.

Conversion Emails
  • These emails are sent only to people who sign up for your launch, but you can also send modified versions to your master list. Remember that not everyone on your master list will have seen the offer so you’ll need to give your reader more context.

Conversion email 1: Offer announcement/doors are open (Cart Open day one):
Objective – be excited about your offer & click through to the sales page and buy. Re-pitch the offer you made to those who watched your final session. This is a great time to share your fast-action bonus. As well as your classroom content, it’s the sales page which does the heavy lifting. This email is to give highlights of your offer and to get them to click through to the sales page.

Event Emails
  • Email 1 is sent to your whole list
  • Emails 2-4 are sent only to people who sign up for your launch event

Event Email 1: Invitation to join the launch event
Objective – sign up to the event. Get them excited and share the benefits they’ll get from joining. A shorter version/snippets can also be turned into social media posts to promote the event.