, Not Valuing Your Time In Business Could Be Stopping You From Thriving

Not Valuing Your Time In Business Could Be Stopping You From Thriving

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As childcare business owners we are carers, we always want to support our clients. We always want to go that extra mile so they feel nurtured and supported, it really is in our DNA.

But that can come at a cost. For example, perhaps you have a client and you can’t do everything for them but you don’t want to disappoint them.

Or possibly you’re working with a client where you can’t manage their expectations, but you don’t want to bring it up because you don’t want them to go elsewhere.

Can you relate to that?

It’s easy to think that not having boundaries in your business is actually being flexible but in fact you might just be harming your business.

We have to start seeing ourselves as a product and really start thinking about where our time is going, what we’re doing with the most valuable asset that we have, which is ourselves.

Your business is not your hobby. Your business is your business, and yes, you want to love it, of course you do. But actually, if you’re giving away your most valuable asset, which is you, you’re giving away all of your time, then you’re not going to love it because you’re going to be exhausted.

So right now you have a choice and that’s to keep operating with no clear boundaries in place, worried that’s going to put a client off, possibly operating at a level that’s completely unsustainable for you.

Or you can change the way that you’re working. You can set boundaries that are going to work for you and your client, and it’s going to help you to grow your business. And if that’s you, then I invite you to download my freebie below. It’s going to take you through the 10 steps to creating boundaries in your business, which will save you time and money.

Emma x

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