, Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools

Today I wanted to share some of the key productivity tools that have saved us time and money in our company! Systems are so important because they reduce administration and mistakes and who doesn’t want to do that? In fact, James Clear, author of Atomic Habits once said,

‘You don’t rise to the level of your goals’, you only fall to the level of your systems’.

At Babyem, most of us work virtually. So it’s so important that we’re all on the same page, and we all know what’s going on and the key tools that we should be using.

So what are the top five tools that we use?

, Productivity Tools

Google drive is free. It allows us to share documents without emailing large files. Everything is saved. So there’s no more realising that you haven’t saved the latest version of a document (gah!), and have to stay up late and do it all over again! I also love the fact that you can access your files, whenever and wherever you want.


, Productivity Tools

Last pass is a browser extension and it allows you to save passwords. It generates the passwords, and you can also share those passwords and then take away that access when you need to. No more trying to remember multiple passwords, and then forgetting what they were!


, Productivity Tools

Asana is where we schedule all of our work. This has been key to our business because it has allows us as a virtual team to work on multiple projects at any one time, and communicate with each other. I also love the fact that it forces you to break down your tasks into micro-steps. You then simply make sure that every sub task is assigned to the right person, at the right time.


, Productivity Tools

Slack and Asana are like two peas in a pod. Slack allows us to chat about the projects that we are working on and keep in touch with each other as a team, while avoiding the time sucker that we all know – email!


, Productivity Tools

Sometimes it’s just easier to show someone what you mean than email them! So we use loom when we need to demonstrate something. For example, when I need to show someone a process, I find Loom saves me a huge amount of time.

There are so many other productivity tools that you can use, but these five tools have made a big difference in how we work and communicate as a team.

What tools and systems do you recommend?

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